For those who need consultations about medication but are finding it difficult. 【Tsukuba Foreigners Pharmacy】

■At the Ninomiya Moue Pharmacy, we are committed to creating an environment where foreigners can feel comfortable receiving medications.■

Hello, this is the Ninomiya Moue Pharmacy, a consulting and dispensing pharmacy in Ninomiya, Tsukuba City. As Tsukuba City is one of the most populated areas in the prefecture with many people from abroad, we believe that it is necessary to provide peace of mind to the local community and so we built a pharmacy where people can consult about their health.
Although we are still in the prototype stage, we welcome feedback and hope that you will join us in building a pharmacy that will enable foreigners to feel better about receiving and taking their medications.

■Our Services■

・insurance dispensing

We provide insurance-compliant dispensing in accordance with the National Health Insurance of Japan and accept prescriptions from both hospitals and clinics. Please note that it may take some time for us to dispense your prescriptions depending on our employment situation.
What is insurance-compliant dispensing?
A prescription is issued after you have been examined by a doctor. Then, when you present your insurance card at the pharmacy, your insurance will partially cover the cost of the medications. For the employed and their dependent family members, the company will issue the insurance card while, for other situations, a public organization will be the contact point.
Prescriptions issued by hospitals and clinics can basically be dispensed at the pharmacy of your choice and the pharmacy will dispense the medication based on the prescription.
In Japan, the use of generic drugs is being promoted. Since each pharmacy may use different names and manufacturers of drugs, pharmacists have different criteria for selecting drugs. It is advisable to get your medication dispensed by a pharmacist you trust.
What is the public expenditure system?
Public expenditure is issued to those who meet certain conditions, such as those with certain diseases, the elderly, and children. It is a system whereby the cost at the pharmacy counter is reduced or exempted. If you inquire at the city hall or with other relevant organizations, they may be able to confirm if you are eligible for this system.

・Health Consultation

Our pharmacy also deals in Chinese herbal medicine and health foods.
We select the best herbal medicine for you based on your constitution. In order to do this, we may ask you some unusual questions and we would appreciate it if you would consider these questions as part of the health communication process.
Quality is crucial for supplements and health foods as carefully manufactured and quality controlled products will give not only the nutrients you are lacking in your life, but also an improved response. We also offer trial and smaller portions for testing so please feel free to inquire!

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・insurance dispensing

In Japan, medication prices under the National Insurance of Japan are fixed and your bill will be calculated by these rules.

・Health Consultation

Chinese medicine (Unit: yen)
1 packet 3 times a day for 10 days: 4,200
1 packet, 3 times a day, for 2 months: 25,200
1 package 3 times a day for 6 months: 75,600
Three times a day does not necessarily mean taking the same herbal medicine. We will adjust the dose according to your symptoms.
[For those who work]
We have also started a service where you can start taking Kampo medicine in response to your company’s welfare service. For more details, please see the other page.

How to start herbal medicine and using company benefits. | 二の宮馬上薬局 (

Health Food (Unit: Yen)
Health food for 1 month is available from 7,560 yen.
Combinations of aojiru (green juice), oyster extract, and intestinal regulators are available upon request. Many of these products are not normally available in the market. These products are made with great care in terms of origin and manufacturing methods.
We also offer trial sales starting from a 5-day supply. We offer a trial price, so please start by tasting the products in our store.

■Pharmacist Introduction■

I’m Masamitsu Moue of Ninomiya Moue Pharmacy.

We have been using Chinese herbal medicines and health foods to treat the symptoms in front of our eyes by allowing people to feel the changes in their physical condition on the spot through over-the-counter tastings. For everyone who relies on Ninomiya Bajo Pharmacy, we put our wishes into each cup of Chinese medicine and serve it to you.

Biography: Born in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. My family has been a pharmacy for three generations. After graduating from university, he became a licensed pharmacist. After entering a graduate school, I spent my days doing research. After graduating, I joined a core hospital in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, in order to gain experience at a hospital, as I was interested in face-to-face work leading to solutions for the problems of people with illnesses. At the hospital, I acquired a wide range of knowledge, including cerebral nervous system, cardiovascular and digestive diseases.Later, at a cancer hospital in Iwaki City, she learned about the treatment of patients with malignant tumors. After gaining experience in insurance dispensing at a dispensing pharmacy, I opened Ninomiya MoueLater, at a cancer hospital in Iwaki City, learned about the treatment of patients with malignant tumors. After gaining experience in insurance dispensing at a dispensing pharmacy, I opened Ninomiya Moue Pharmacy in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, in January 2021, and have been working there ever since.

■A Guide Inside Our Pharmacy■

The waiting area of the pharmacy.
We will put in Chinese medicine while you wait for your mood of the day. If you tell us what you are having trouble with, we will recommend a drink for you.

Consultation space. In order for us to answer your questions thoroughly, we would like to have you talk to us in a dedicated space.

The restrooms are clean, spacious, handicapped accessible, and easy to use for everyone.

A changing table is also available for mothers with infants to freely use.


You can view the pharmacy map by reading the QR code above. (From google map)

Address: 101 CASA AMOR II, 3-25-1 Ninomiya, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture
8 minutes by car from Tsukuba Station
Bus stop: 8 minutes walk from Ninomiya bus stop

■Contact Us■

Contact address:Phone 029-879-7558 FAX 029-879-7566

opening hours: weekday 9:00~18:00(lunch break13:00~14:00) Saturday 9:00~13:00 day off:Sunday and holidays

The pharmacy also has an official LINE (: please click on the following link (@184ccrqd)) and other services. We may issue seasonal health information, coupons, etc. on an irregular basis. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our official LINE. Please register as a friend of the official LINE by using the QR code below.

We are also looking forward to hearing from you through our website. Please find the link below.

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